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  • 9am–12pm
    City residents can recycle old or unwanted computers, taped batteries, and other electronic items. Please call in advance for more than 10 items, multiple styrofoam pieces, or items over 50 pounds. Questions? Call 240-542-2153.
    Public Works Department
  • 9am–12pm
    Green Drop Charitable Donations. May end early if truck fills. Info: 301-474-8308.
    Municipal Building Parking Lot
  • 9am
    Attend this lecture to learn whether weight loss surgery is right for you. Registration is required online or by calling 301-DCH-4YOU (301-324-4968).
    Doctors Hospital Professional Building Suite 210
  • 10am–4pm
    Donations of clothing in good condition also welcome. Donation forms available for tax purposes.
    Holy Cross Lutheran Church

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